How to buy

Hello,everyone. Now we shown how to buy a product from our site by easy way. Its just need click few to confirm order. Easy and Simple. Here all steps we shown bellow:


You can buy a product or products from two way. First, click button add to cart whatever show the product. It can be first page or product catagory page or search page. Second way, click to product name and go to the product page for details information. Then click add to cart.


            First way                                                                               Second way


 After click add to cart, you we see a confarmation masssage.


Also see your cart is updated with your product details.


You can click the cart and get product mini details, view cart for you cart details and checkout for comfarm order.

If you click view cart option, you see this page. This page have few options like changing amount of products, cancel product orders, remove a product from group of products, use coupon or gift voucher, Continue shopping for more product buying and checkout for comfarm order.

If you select checkout, you will found this page. It has register account for new user, guest checkout if donot want to make a account or returns customer for already have a account.

Then just put necessery information and last step is comfirm order to finally make a order for your product. You will get a mail for confarmation.


Still if you need any help, please do not hesitate and contact with us. Phone : 01730354809 . Email :

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